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What we offer


We have an assorted range of plumbing solutions, ranging from general to construction plumbing. Our experienced professionals are ready help.


Our roofing solutions range from roof cleaning, roof repairs and roof spray paintings..


We offer a wide range of glass products from all types of glass, safety glass, toughened glass, metal and aluminium windows.


We offer professional floor coatings and industrial coatings. We also do waterproofing and sealing.


We have extensive experience in renovating homes and commercial buildings. We also offer a wide range of carpentry services.


We do all interior and exterior painting, including commercial, house and roof painting.

Construction management

Our services include the use of special construction management techniques to oversee and optimise the planning, design, and construction of a project

Plastering & tiling

We provide affordable plastering and tiling services in a timely manner.

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